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Subtle Bohemian [All Dressed up]

subtle bohoNYC Black nail polish, shoes: Newbury Comics (breaking them in for PAX East!), Jeans: Aeropostale, Shirt: walmart find 3 years ago, makeup: Elf brightening/all over color stick, eyeliner, mascara, and “Fantasy” lipstick. You can’t see overly well, but my hair is a funky ponytail that this pin inspired. My hair is a bit too short and unruly to look anything near as elegant, and it kept poking to the right every few minutes. It was cute while it lasted though.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Usually I’d actually apply makeup before doing this, but I was (ironically enough) going to lunch (and woke up at 12 something because I could, and I wanted to spend as much time not moving as possible due to muscle strain). Anyway, this is my cute blurry picture.
Cardigan: Forever 21 $6 (on sale/clearance), Jeans: Aeropostale’s Skinny/Curvey (I got them on sale too), Shoes: Converse, Shirt: Switchfoot concert $20, Headband: Claire’s – came in a pack.