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  • Pain in the Shadows

    She’s an amicable creature from a hostile country. She’s a dainty fairy and can’t survive on her own, yet full of a strength that few can muster. Her past full of hurt and crimes, she carries the world on her shoulders, but you wouldn’t know unless she showed you her pain hidden in the shadows. (or…

  • Sad Fairy

    Sad Fairy

    I downloaded a trial of Corel Painter 11 and decided to play with it yesterday. I used the Gouache, Impasto, and Felt Marker art brushes…

  • Fairy and Pixie Dust

    Fairy and Pixie Dust

    So today I painted my last canvass and as promised, spent a lot of time on detail and shades. I think it turned out beautifully – everything in the foreground has multiple shades and hues, some subtle, some obvious – topped off (actually I started off) with some pixie dust/sparkles just for fun.

  • Preview: Fairy

    I realized as I was painting my last piece that if I took the time to really work on the shades my paintings could look much better – but I don’t usually take that time, as I paint all at once and my acrylic paint dries quickly – but I absolutely love how it looks…