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  • Art on the West Coast (#6)

    Today we went to the slopes and some of the people in our group skied, and Alex and I went tubing. Needless to say, I didn’t do any watercolors, but I did manage to get my daily dose of art in while I was warming up and watching the snowboarders come down the mountain. Turns…

  • Balloon Lady Vlog

    Balloon Lady Vlog

    Decided to release some cool updates and answer a great question in a video (that I posted on the facebook page). You can find the PDF referenced by clicking here.

  • Available Now

    Available Now

    The Balloon Lady is now available! You can find it, here, or by clicking the lulu button on the sidebar.

  • Fairy and Pixie Dust

    Fairy and Pixie Dust

    So today I painted my last canvass and as promised, spent a lot of time on detail and shades. I think it turned out beautifully – everything in the foreground has multiple shades and hues, some subtle, some obvious – topped off (actually I started off) with some pixie dust/sparkles just for fun.

  • Preview: Fairy

    I realized as I was painting my last piece that if I took the time to really work on the shades my paintings could look much better – but I don’t usually take that time, as I paint all at once and my acrylic paint dries quickly – but I absolutely love how it looks…

  • Clay and Winter Fairies

    Clay and Winter Fairies

    Over the weekend Alex and I decided to pick up some clay and explore the world of miniatures. On Sunday night we baked a few pieces and yesterday I painted mine. The tall tree-like piece was the most interesting because I had used some candle wax to mold it around. While it was cooking the…

  • The End

    The End

    I finished all of the watercolor illustrations today, now Ella can format them and create the book. I’ve learned a lot since I started working on them – mostly in the mechanics of watercolor and using them effectively. I won’t say I’ve mastered it, but I’ve come so far from when I first started. I…

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one came out last week, and I, like a good Harry Potter fan dressed up and went to see it opening night (not midnight, because sadly, the tickets were sold out weeks before when we tried to get them). Because it was freezing, I decided to make a…

  • Oh, look!

    Oh, look!

    So I sort of made a mistake the other day. Mostly I just got carried away. I like coffee colors, my kitchen is done in coffee – reds, tans, yellows, I have a ton of Starbucks coffee on my table and pictures of cups of coffee on my wall and dish towels. So, I was…

  • Professor Puffin

    Professor Puffin

    I’ve been wondering what a puffin would look like in a school vest…it looked silly until I added the eye piece, now it looks refined.