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  • The Curse of Living Every Day Like It’s Your Last

    The Curse of Living Every Day Like It’s Your Last

    In the family I grew up in there were two common, somewhat dissonant but simultaneously applied themes. 1) Don’t live like you belong in the default world because your true home is in Heaven, living on earth is really just a temporary state and 2) live every day like it’s your last and be prepared…

  • The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    The Danger To Children Is Already In The Church

    Another Day, another round of people discovering that Matt Walsh and conservative evangelical leaders like him will go out of their way to justify their own pedophiliac tendencies through a bastardization of historical understanding. Earlier this month Media Matters revealed the horrific beliefs Matt Walsh espoused on-air in his radio show, and Walsh predictably responded…

  • 30


    I didn’t expect 30 to actually happen. I had a relaxing birthday. My new apartment complex has an outdoor pool and a jacuzzi, and reopened it that week (in my honor, I assume). It was warm and sunny, so I got to enjoy the bubbling hot water on my joints. It reminded me of the…

  • Ramifications


    Just because the faith has been left and the arguments don’t hold up against basic questions, doesn’t mean that the roots of these beliefs went away.

  • On Death (and life)

    On Death (and life)

    Cynthia touched on it in the first part of her post “Freeing Self-Deceived Fundamentalists“. My family has glorified death for a really long time. I remember Columbine, like she was talking about – being something almost revered – not remotely tragic. When things were shitty(-er than normal) or if I was making a life choice…

  • Introducing Don't Panic[k]: Life Beyond The Kitchen Table

    Introducing Don't Panic[k]: Life Beyond The Kitchen Table

    I had this idea several months ago, about making a site that’s basically just a compilation of advice, thoughts, and resources for people just leaving/graduating the world of homeschooling and religious fundamentalism. It takes a lot of work and energy to find resources for life in the real world when you don’t even really know…

  • Giving Too Much

    Giving Too Much

    Ever since my family became devout, they became regular tithers and givers. Before I go further, I should point out there is nothing wrong with givingĀ as long as that giving isn’t negatively affecting your life (or that of your kids/family). Which, I realized somewhat recently is the case with my own family. They started out…

  • Out of the (agnostic) closet (and into the fire?)

    Out of the (agnostic) closet (and into the fire?)

    This has been coming to a head and swirling around for some time and I just need to let it out now:I. Don’t. Believe. In. God. Any. More. For so many reasons.One, I became a christian entirely out of fear. I was terrified of going to hell. I can’t mesh staying in a religion that…

  • I have something to say

    I have something to say

    I have a story to tell, a story that’s been hanging over my head for months and I haven’t said anything out of fear and now I just need to release it so I can feel better. This summer, I was cornered by people I trust – put into a situation against my will that…

  • Depression and Spiritual Abuse

    Depression and Spiritual Abuse

    Looking back, it’s no wonder that all of the feelings and self loathing that lead to my depression, brought depression. I was taught that I was worthless, that I should never think well of myself, that I needed to be humble, I was never allowed to show any emotion that was not a plastic smile.…