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Good Reads

I’ve been going through some stuff this month – between my medications trying to get back to normal from being kicked off because vicodin, and the lovely little guilt-anxiety cycle and general overwhelmingness, I’ve felt a little lost. Some of the truths I discovered in Spring, this year and last, are more distant, which isn’t cool because they’re kindof…..really super important to my being and my confidence and my artistic journey.
But, over the last few weeks – as I’ve been taking the situation back into my own hands – I’ve run across several posts from the Rebelle Society that were just…perfect. Maybe it’s the universe, or maybe it’s coincidence, but, I thought I’d post them here:
Facing the Darkest Side of a Beautiful Person
Self-Criticism: The Way You Break Your Own Heart
So, yes, stress is good
I think I’ll come out on the other side of this stronger, for having, I don’t know, been in a sad-sauce hole for a while. I hope, anyway, because I sense something starting to come back to me, and I think that’s a good thing.

The Crossroads

you’re at a crossroads
between everything you are and everything you could be
you know what you want
and what you’re capable of
but what you’re doing on that road is falling short
you’re making progress but not enough
you’re running through your arsenal of tools
but change is slow and painstaking
What you want so desperately
feels so out of reach
beyond the horizon, who knows how far
and at some point
as you look back on the colored pages of your past
you wonder if it’s enough
if it’s worth pouring your soul into ink and colors
if painting your spirit is enough to get you into the horizon
if your heart will carry you when you run out of drive
or if your drive will carry you when your heart is tired
you’re standing at the crossroads between your life beyond the horizon
and the life everyone expects
one is dangerous and the definition of the unknown
full of adventure and failure and heartache
the other
is the death of the heart and soul
the giving up of dreams and aspirations
but safe and predictable
you’re at a crossroads
between what is and what could be
do you move forward into the unknown horizon?
or choose a safe but inevitable death?


I’ve been sick since last Friday with a cold. I’ve quarantined myself from most of the people I would usually hang out with in order to spare any exposure. I’ve been trying to rest, emphasis on trying.
Meanwhile, I’ve been itching to paint but have had no energy to. The drive to put something on canvas is just welling up inside, and I feel like I would burst if it weren’t for the being really tired part. The weather, the rain, seeing, that’s been happening lately, noticing little details – the textures of rocks on the beach, the piercing blue eyes of an actor, that Jeremy Renner has really got the looking-cool-while-pointing-objects-thing down, those moments when you accidentally make eye contact with someone, or weirdly connect.
I like piercing eyes, human moments, connection…..little things that we generally ignore and brush over, little things that in some place in my soul, well up and make me come alive.

Discovering other Artists

The one thing that’s helped me the most on my artistic journey is reading other art blogs. Usually empty easel, but occasionally I find other resources. Sometimes unexpectedly. One piece of advice I hear a lot is to find an artist who inspires you, who you can learn from and look up to.

As I’m really new to the art world, sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed. I don’t yet fully understand all of the art movements (but I’m learning!), and I definitely didn’t know of enough artists to be able to name one off the bat that I admired (except for friends). So I had a really hard time with that, because as much as I love looking at other people’s work and appreciate it – I had a really hard time finding someone in my field.  One day in Oregon, at an organic coffee shop I found myself staring at the artwork displayed. It was the closest I’d ever seen to my style and thankfully the artist had left  cards there. So when I came back home to Maine, I grabbed the card and went to the website.

I was so happy when I got to the blog because it was like I finally found the door to my world. I’ve been following Lindy’s blog ever since. It’s moments like these that make me really love the internet…and Oregon.

Lindy’s art, while still different from mine, never ceases to inspire me to keep creating the way I do, and continually try to learn and develop my style – and that it’s not a weird style to have! I can’t really communicate how liberating and validating it is to find that I’m not the only one who works this way.

So thanks, Lindy – and if you haven’t checked out her website yet, you totally should.

And while you’re at it, check out Willowing – another whimsical artist I recently discovered (I love you internet!).