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  • Building Wings on the Way Down (Act or Die)

    Building Wings on the Way Down (Act or Die)

    I finished Act or Die today and the biggest lesson I learned (aside from great tips and exercises that I’m willing to put to use to get to know *myself* not just for acting) was don’t act, BE. Be present in the moment, as the character – feel, act on your internal impulses – listen…

  • Act or Die Notes #2

    Act or Die Notes #2

    I read another quarter of the book today – out loud. As an aside, I never really noticed run-on sentences until I read aloud, then I was searching for periods so I could catch a breath. As I was reading I realized that I (like everyone else) subconsciously use grammar as cues to pause, breathe,…

  • Book: Act or Die (notes)

    Book: Act or Die (notes)

      In preparation for our film, aside from getting the camera equipment and such, we also bought a book (one of a few, I’m sure) called Act or Die. If the title isn’t a give-away it’s all about acting, but it’s also recommended for directors. It came in the mail today and I got about…