I really suck at maintaining separate twitter accounts and Facebook pages for everything, and facebook’s lovely censoring algorithm just makes any effort that goes into that kind of depressing, so I thought that I’d try to set up a monthly email blast/newsletter thing (kicking it old school) so that way, anyone who wants to be in on the news of upcoming KieryGeek developments, Humorotica‘s evolution, new E.R.A.and Bitch Goddess comics, and Patreon news, can be, without having to follow a million different things that will likely be buried anyway.

But, I don’t want to add people who’d rather not be added to yet another email list, so I’ve created a mailchimp list and you can sign up for it below, and note which subjects you’d prefer to get more updates on.

I’m planning on just doing this monthly, recapping all of the events, but in the case of something more relevant to one project than another comes up, I might want to email the people interested in that, specifically, without overwhelming everyone else.

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