Development Portfolio

Sites I’ve Done

Coalition for Responsible Home Education A policy organization advocating for Homeschooled children.
Bruce Roberts Toy Fund Non profit bringing toys to needy families in 5 counties in Southern Maine for the holidays.
Swan Children Magazine A bimonthly online art gallery and magazine featuring artists of homeschooled, Quiverfull, and conservative Christian upbringing.
Freeport Creative Arts Local arts community supporting Freeport, ME and surrounding areas.
Art Sale A Gallery of my art circa 2010-2012 that I’m selling for the cost of shipping. Made from scratch with Ruby and Rails.
E.R.A. A genderqueer fantasy webcomic, site made from scratch with Ruby and Rails.
Don’t Panic[k] A website dedicated to providing resources for life beyond our parents kitchen table.
Humorotica A team endeavor of comics, commentary, and satire with Matt McCullar (sometimes NSFW).
Wine and Marble My friend, Hännah’s blog about life outside fundamentalism. I make theme changes and provide general tech support.


Currently looking for work!