brymKiery King AKA The Geek Artist or Empress of Kiery’s Fake Empire. Created with fire in 1991 traveled through space-time in a pod that landed with an unsuspecting earth couple in a land called “Florida” – a warm place, perfect for a youngling with the inability to cope with cold.
As a creature from another planet (surprisingly unbeknownst to the rest of society) a love of the arts, fantasy, and science fiction was deeply embedded within the DNA of Kiery. As earth-humans, her parents didn’t always understand, and much of her life was dedicated to things that were more “worthy” than the things that lived within her heart. Indeed, the geek didn’t discover fantasy until well after the young imaginative days of childhood bliss were over.
The feeling of the unworthiness of her passions that were so ingrained within her race stuck for a very long time. Until one day, the geek artist decided that the best thing to do for a creature of two worlds, was to embrace her individuality – past, present; all the muck and all the beauty and take herself for exactly what she was, and not judge on a scale of worthiness.
The journey of the geek child was a long one; today she fights for others like her, to embrace themselves and know the peace that comes from acceptance, and the feeling of free-ness that comes when one realizes that they are okay, and it’s okay to like and obsess about the things they do.
She also fights against her arch-enemies: winter and sidewalk curbs.
This has been an exercise in creating a semi-auto-biographical-fantasy origin story.