Kieryn standing outside

Kieryn Darkwater is the blue-haired, queer, nonbinarytransmasculinePolitical Science major from the 2017 Industrial Maintenance & Machining Cohort, who organizes with the Laney Queers and the Lavender Project. In 2018-2019 Kieryn joined the Student Organizing Cohort with the Social Justice Center and served as Vice President of the Inter-Club council. Kieryn grew up in Florida and is the oldest in their family with 7 younger siblings. They were homeschooled through high school and largely self-taught.

Kieryn joined the ASLC as a Senator because they are passionate about improving accessibility on campus for members of the queer and trans community, advocating for practical solutions for unhoused students and faculty, and supporting students who have had adverse childhood experiences.

They are looking forward to working with students, faculty, and staff to create resources for the Laney community, and collaborating with student organizations and other Peralta colleges to hold events that are educational, empowering, and uplifting to our diverse student body. 

When they aren’t on campus you can usually find Kieryn wandering Lake Merritt at Pupper O’Clock (when everyone takes their dogs for a walk). In their spare time they enjoy playing video games, adventuring as a “Be Gay, Do Crimes” Halfling Rogue in D&D, and making art. You can contact them here!