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Check, check, and check

ETA: you can view a sample by clicking the going to The Balloon Lady (book) > The Book > The Preview in the nav bar above, or by heading over to this cute little splash page here.
So, my Month Of March Book-ing-ness is almost over, and guess what….
I’m done!
Well, mostly.
The iPad version is currently in review in the iBookstore. There’s this thing with the Table of Contents and the pages slide, but unfortunately, those are the fault of the apple developers and I’m unable to fix it. However, it *does* look good on there, and hopefully, they’ll confirm it and/or let me upload the fixed version with the title in the TOC page…because “Untitled” doesn’t look very professional, now does it?
I spent most of yesterday/last night working on the new version for createspace, and this morning, I ordered the proof! It all looks great on their online proof display, but I really want to see what the illustrations look like in print. So that should be here around April 5th.
I’m actually very very proud of the illustrations this time around, and I’m actually excited to put my name to them. The first batch were ill-conceived, though heartfelt. I’m happy I made them, and used them, and used that experience to progress into what’s hopefully a much better version of the same story. I also learned to work with the medium I’m more comfortable with. This round of illustrations I used acrylic paint on watercolor and multimedia paper, with, if I may say so, much better results. I was even able to paint the faces instead of inking them in with pen!
So, I’ve officially crossed it off…

A few other things are crossed off too. Monday, I went to the library and finished the paperwork for my passport application, so in a few weeks, it should be in my hands! Also, I finally bought myself a bikini. I can’t wait until it’s summer and I can wear it. It’s yellow and grey and surprisingly looks quite good on me…


I ended up almost finishing out my wardrobe shopping while I was at it, so lots of progress all around and it’s only been a month! 😀 Exactly, actually.


read: my book, so. many. times.
taste: nothing..
see: The upload progress bar….too many times this evening.
hear: Mass Effect 3 – Alex is playing ahead of me, I’m hoping it’s not spoilers.

smell: Well, I really should take a shower…I meant to…but got distracted by formatting the book

touch: trackpad…in frustration…for much too long

think: it’s weird how easy it is to fall in and out of blogging habits. It was really hard focusing and not posting, and even not being on FB every so often at first, but now I’m so close to finishing the book (if it would upload and not take for.ev.er.) that I’ve sort of gotten into a habit of doing random book stuff and that’s been keeping me off facebook *on my computer until evening, and blogging, sadly – but expectedly – has become less of a daily thing. That won’t last forever though, but interestingly, doing less blog/online/social writing has decreased facebook and increased twitter. I plan to return to regular blogging again after this book crunch – especially because I have some epic bits of news related to my list.
feel: exhausted.