Day: March 28, 2012

  • Check, check, and check

    Check, check, and check

    ETA: you can view a sample by clicking the going to The Balloon Lady (book) > The Book > The Preview in the nav bar above, or by heading over to this cute little splash page here. So, my Month Of March Book-ing-ness is almost over, and guess what…. I’m done! Well, mostly. The iPad […]

  • Sensing


    read: my book, so. many. times. taste: nothing.. see: The upload progress bar….too many times this evening. hear: Mass Effect 3 – Alex is playing ahead of me, I’m hoping it’s not spoilers. smell: Well, I really should take a shower…I meant to…but got distracted by formatting the book touch: trackpad…in frustration…for much too long think: it’s weird […]