Christianity, Simplified :: Where I am

I grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by Christian people, claiming Christianity is the way and that their interpretation of Christianity is the right way. It’s easy for a simple religion, or what Christian’s like to call a “relationship” to get complicated with interpretations of scripture, doctrines, and even bible translations. Before you know

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You know the feeling you get when there’s something brewing and you just have no idea what it is or how to channel it? You end up just feeling restless and there are so many things you’re thinking about and it’s all just building up inside you until it overflows into _something_ that you can

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Alice D. Miller

I found this poem by Alice Duer Miller earlier today (because I couldn’t remember what year women were allowed to vote – it’s 1920 for anyone curious) and thought I’d post it here. I think it’s hilarious, and that Alice was actually really clever in her use of humor while speaking out on the issue.

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