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A twist

So today, I thought it would be fun to make a watercolor of a brown haired Repunzel – Maybe it’s just because I’m brunette and it seems like the blondes get all (or most of) the rescuing by the prince. Especially if they have blue eyes. 

Admittedly though, my prince happens to have a thing for brunettes (with brown eyes)….I like dark haired guys, so it all works out.
Yes that was a Tangled reference. Also, I really like that in the end (SPOILER ALERT) her hair was brown – a perfect twist to end a tangled up fairy tale. It used to really bother me that the blue-eyed blondes got all the songs and specialness because I’m dark haired, dark eyed, and when exposed to lots of sun, my middle eastern and portuguese heritage shines through and I get really dark tans – and I wanted to have songs about me, and I wanted to be special….and I am – there’s even a song about brown eyed girls after all.

Magic (or, I can make faces!)

Today, I finally played some WoW, leveled and then started painting. With my tiny new brushes, I can make faces!!!! in watercolor (and acrylics, but still)!
I’m very excited.
I realized something today, I have a lot of projects going on (in my head) and I need to figure out how to do them all between 12:30 and 7. I guess I could start waking up at 9 again (:P)…But basically, I’ve got to work on the script for The Balloons, paint every day while listening to Harry Potter – and work on some specific projects to send out this month, and make some progress leveling from 74 to 85. It doesn’t really sound like much, but I usually end up getting distracted and each of these things require a couple hours of my attention solely (or halfly with harry potter) devoted to them. Not to mention things like…..dishes and sweeping and walks and stuff that need to be done every day (ish) too. I’m not a rigid schedule person – working things out hour by hour doesn’t work for me at all, but maybe if I alternate days between World of Warcraft and Screenwriting that would be good.
So I think I’ll try that over this week and see how it goes.


So, I recently brainstormed and thought: how cool would it be to make small acrylic paintings based on Harry Potter spells? Might have something to do with listening to the audio books everyday, but I thought it would be fun, so I started with Lumos (as that’s the one I’ve spent the most time working on in my head).

Note to self: add the wand first. I initially was going for something that looked slightly more like Hermione’s wand – with some curls and stuff, but that didn’t work out, and then I spent the rest of the time lightening it and adding swirls of  light over it.
I also tried out my new watercolor paper – I have some things I need to paint to send to friends this month (and this is one of them), so the picture I’m posting is just a portion of the actual thing, but OMG I *love* the cold press paper that I got. Soooooo much smoother. I’m never going back!
I decided to recreate a design I’d already tried, but a little differently. Mostly because I used watercolor as opposed to acrylics and didn’t glue paper on top…of my paper. Can’t wait to play with it more /all I have to say.


I posted this on my facebook page, Kiery’s Whimsy last night, and thought I’d extend it here:

Throwing this out there for any writers: I’ll work on your book illustrations for the cost of supplies (like $10-$20) and credit if/when it’s published (I’m available to do an image or two for blog posts/articles also, waiving the supply costs).

Just email me, you can find my contact information at pullfolio and also under the “Talk” page here. For blog post/article illustrations, I’ll upload varying sizes of high quality scans on flickr like I did for Eliza’s post on Quivering Daughters. For books, depending on how many pictures there are, I’ll either email you the high quality (300 dpi standard) scans, or set up a private place where you can download them online.
I obviously won’t be doing this forever (especially for like, nothing), but as I’m just starting out, I thought it would be a good idea to offer my help to writers who would have a hard time finding illustrations otherwise.

Brushes and Art Cards

Yesterday, I finally got some brushes – a spotter and two rounds of varying sizes. I LOVE THEM.
Ran out of watercolor paper and the bookstore didn’t have what I needed in stock, so I made three ACEO’s while listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
face aceoI made a FACE without having to correct a ton of random lines from frayed or fraying brushes.
mushroom aceoA detailed mushroom with shades of blue…
simple flower aceoAnd a simple flower.

Falling Fruit

Over halfway through Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, I painted on my last piece of watercolor paper. I guess I’ll need to stop by the art store sooner than I thought – in the mean time, I suppose I’ll be using the last few canvases. I am disappointed with my brushes though. They’ve gone all fuzzy. I bought myself some brush cleaner which helps a little but not much..so I’m looking forward to buying myself some new ones in the near future.
Anyway, I had an idea last night, but couldn’t remember it this morning, and ended up painting a piece of falling fruit.

Eye of Jupiter and Starbuck's Poem

Today while listening to Harry Potter I decided to paint some more Battlestar Galactica stuff – Starbuck had been painting this one particular thing for years by the time we actually see it in the series.
The Eye of Jupiter is painted alongside a poem she wrote on her wall. I remembered it recently, and thought it would be fun to make a watercolor spin-off. It’s easier to decide on something *before* painting with watercolors, unlike acrylics where it doesn’t quite matter as much.

Bubble Fairy (and Transmutation)

So today, I got in my gaming keypad and spent the morning getting used to it while listening to some podcast about Sherlock Holmes (the movie, with RDJr.). I found a sweet spot in Nagrand above the throne of elementals where, well, all the elementals live and you can farm for motes to your hearts content. I caved and bought motes of fire from the Auction House but there were no Motes of Air or Primal Air to be found (same thing with the Overcharged Capacitor. I finally gave up and abandoned the quest. If it ever comes back, I’ll pick it up again) until I found the spot where the Storming Wind-Rippers lived. I’ll be getting used to my new keypad over the next few days questing, and then when I’m used to it, maybe I’ll try it out in a dungeon or two.
It’s hard to get used to, but I really like it so far, and I think it’ll be really simple once I’m fully adapted.
So then, after the Holme’s podcast, I put in some more Harry Potter and got out my watercolors. It always helps me to do something when I’m listening to things, I don’t really know why. Habit, I guess. So while Jim Dale was talking about the Marauder’s Map and Quidditch and Dementors, I was painting a fairy floating amidst bubbles.
bubble fairy
I added a wizard hat because it seemed fun. I’ve had sort of an obsession with bubbles or polka dotted backgrounds lately. I don’t know why, it just adds a bit of interesting-ness. So I made another drawing.
fairy with polkadot backgroundI used a pen until the ink was being weird and then used the special comic-making inky marker/pen Alex got last summer. I like the effect, kinda reminds me of 101 Dalmatians….