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Event Planning

Kieryn has been an organizer their entire life. They specialize in organizing educational events, coordinating volunteers for activities, creating flyers and resource materials, and keeping up with the behind-the-scenes details of day-to-day operations that event planning requires.

Need help planning and running an event? hire them!

Recent Highlights

YIMBYtown 2017, the Laney Queers and Laney Social Justice Center educational and social events (2018-2020), and the inaugural Peralta Queer Prom (2019).

First Annual Peralta Queer Prom, April 2019
Women in Government Panel for Women’s History Month at Laney, March 2019
Laney Social Justice Center May Day week, April-May 2019
Monthly queer brunches at Laney, Fall 2018 through Spring 2020
YIMBYtown 2017


Website Administrator

A Joy to Work With” Kieryn Darkwater is responsive and attentive with over 10 years of experience using WordPress, writing CSS(3) and HTML(5), and are constantly adding to their repertoire. They specialize in creating and maintaining websites for artist collectives, social justice and nonprofit organizations, creatives, mental healthcare professionals, and local elected officials or candidates.

Recent highlights include: Coalition for Responsible Home Education, Berkeley City Council Member Rashi Kesarwani, Kitchen Table Cult Podcast, East Bay for Everyone, Laney Queers, Eve Ettinger, Jessee Lovegood, Jean Walsh for AC Transit, Terry Taplin for Berkeley City Council, Victoria Fierce for AC Transit At-Large, and No On Measure Y (San Mateo County).

Are you running for local office and need a professional and reliable website?

For a negotiable flat fee + a small monthly retainer Kieryn will:
– Create your website (WordPress, Nationbuilder, or your platform of choice)
– Provide Troubleshooting Assistance
– Maintain and update the website and content as needed

All you need to do to get an estimate is fill out this form

* Your Flat Setup Fee will determined by the scope of the project and your budget

Want an idea of what your campaign site could look like?
Check out Jean Walsh for AC Transit, Terry Taplin for Berkeley City Council, and Victoria Fierce for AC Transit At-Large.

For short term front-end or troubleshooting projects, their rate is $80/hr.
For on-going or long-term work, get in touch!