Statewide and Regional

US Senator: Kevin De Leon

Governor: Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor: Eleni Kounalakis

Assembly District 15: Buffy Wicks

Assembly District 18: Rob Bonta

Superintendent of Public Schools: Tony Thurmond

NO on Justice Carol Corrigan: wrote the dissenting opinion on gay marriage in CA

YES on prop. 1: $4B affordable housing bond

YES on prop. 2: $2B for homelessness prevention

No on prop 5: Expands Prop 13 which is why we’re underfunded and have no homes

NO on prop 6: Cuts road maintenance and essential transit funding

YES on prop 10: Repeals Costa-Hawkins, allowing cities to expand rent control

NO on prop 11: Eliminates breaks for emergency responders

YES on FF: parks!


US Representative: Barbara Lee

City Auditor: Courtney Ruby

Mayor (Ranked): Schaaf, Brooks, Price

Abel Guillen District 2

Pamela Harris District 4

Natasha Middleton District 6

YES on all the Oakland measures: funding and community programs are good, actually.


Rashi Kesarwani District 1

Greg Magofña, Ben Gould District 4

Rigel Robinson, Aiden Hill District 7

Lori Droste, Alfred Twu District 8

YES on Measure O: Parcel tax for housing bond

YES on Measure P: Transfer tax for homeless services

YES on Measure Q: Rent control with 20 year phase in and ADU exemption

YES on Measure R: Vision 2050

BART Board

Mark Foley District 2

Robert Raburn District 4

Anu Natarajan District 6