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A’s, Laney, and Gentrification

There’s a lot of interesting politics at Laney right now. The Oakland A’s want to build a new stadium on land owned by the Peralta school district. Much of the faculty and staff at Laney are actively against the project. On it’s face, I don’t really care about the A’s stadium or understand why they… Continue reading A’s, Laney, and Gentrification

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Expecto Patronum

I was talking to my therapist last night about the election and activism and something she poked at really struck me. It is important for activism to come from a place that isn’t fear. Fear and panic spreads like wildfire and runs everyone down. The longevity of the fight depends on us being able to… Continue reading Expecto Patronum

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Existing Is Resistance

So, we elected a facist. I, like every other marginalized in-any-remote-way person have spent the last week utterly terrified. It’s an anxiety attack that won’t go away. I’m suddenly very aware of the intersection of my transness, queerness, afabness, and olive skin. I am public about all of those, I’m public about being queer and… Continue reading Existing Is Resistance