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The Awkward In-Between

I’ve noticed myself try to be quieter as I’ve started becoming more visibly masculine. When people read me as male I feel like suddenly (in the feminist & progressive discourse spaces I inhabit) I no longer have a voice worth listening to. It’s difficult to balance the way feminist discourse at large tries to get… Continue reading The Awkward In-Between

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Fairy Dust and Awesomeness

My body is changing. I’ve talked about it before. It’s confusing, disorienting…scary. I can’t hide my boobs anymore, because they’ve grown too much. I have massive cleavage in a sports bra. My hips and thighs are bigger, rounder, more curvy. My body is growing into more of a “woman” shape than I would like it… Continue reading Fairy Dust and Awesomeness

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A Woman On The Internet

Yesterday I wrote about sexism and feminism and stuff on my kierygeek blog because it kinda relates to why I’ve been so silent on youtube. It’s occasionally weird having multiple spaces for things, especially when they cross over, I’ll write more personally, and in detail here eventually (likely soon), but below is an excerpt of… Continue reading A Woman On The Internet

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Being a Girl is Just Better

I found our last two bibles in the closet the other day, one of which is KJV (of course). I spent this evening trying to do art with/deface it, and I got up to leviticus before getting bored/having it in my face started getting to me. It’s weird how triggering objects can be – bibles,… Continue reading Being a Girl is Just Better

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Massages + Disassociation

In July I had this thing where my neck/shoulder muscles didn’t want to move, so I got a massage, and I’ve been getting them every couple weeks since to try and loosen up the (apparently insane levels of) tightness, and I noticed something…and someday I’ll draw something to illustrate this better, but, when I’m on… Continue reading Massages + Disassociation