The Sims4 Series

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 3.24.56 PMI’ve decided that it would be really fun to do a series of videos or maybe even livestreams (depending on how well my laptop can hold up to it) of the Sims4. It’s been done before, but I’m going to put a new twist on it. We’ll start by building up Newcrest (the blank Sims4 world) from scratch, filling the town with NPC’s – some of which patrons will have the opportunity to name – and lastly, creating a sim/household and playing through the game itself.

Fridays are the days I’m free and don’t have classes, so the video will likely go up between Friday and Sunday night, posted to youtube and patreon.

I haven’t been able to make all of the things as frequently as I want to with school (looking at you, E.R.A.) but I’m excited about the play through videos and they should be fun and easy enough to make between life and everything else.

So, if you want to follow along – subscribe to the youtube channel and follow my patreon page – if you’d like to be able to name a sim (and maybe other things), you can do that at the $10/mo tier!

Games I’m Looking Forward To From PAXPrime 2015

So I wandered a lot around the indie game area of PAX and played some games, talked to some devs, and generally found some really cool things that I’m looking forward to and ended up getting beta keys, or put on email lists, and little cards about to follow along.

The games I’m watching

Creativerse – it’s really fun, think minecraft but with PVP built in, blueprints, and teleporting, and super immersive.

Necropolis – The art is what really captured me. I didn’t end up playing this one, but damn is it gorgeous. Talked to one of the people at the booths and it sounds fantastical.

Gigantic – this was huge at PAX, and it looks super fun – the art is really interesting to me.

Infinifactory – SUPER FUN LOOKING PUZZLE GAME OF BUILDING THINGS, available on steam, coming to PS4. Found this entirely by accident in the indie megabooth trying to get out of people’s way, so happy I did.

Sword Coast Legends – this one I think has been getting the most press, because it’s Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons games are The Games I Stand In Line For At PAX apparently, annnnnd playing it was really fun. It’d be a great way to play D&D long distance since one player can be a DM and then you have 4 others in the party. I was a dwarf paladin, and I was the only one in my party who didn’t wipe. ahahaha. Seriously, fun shit though.

And lastly,

Commander Kamala – surprisingly enough, may be the one I’m looking forward to the most. I usually SUCK at space-shooters but I tried this one, and talked to the sole(!!!!!!!) developer on the project and I’m actually super excited about it. It’s really fun, and for someone who sucks at these kinds of games, being actually able to PLAY it is really rad. Plans are to release it in 2016, and I really really want to stream it, so maybe. Also there’s a dog. Also female protagonist. Anyway, it’s rad.

PAX Recap/ Conthroat 2015

Here’s the thing about PAX. You’re surrounded by creative people for 3-4 days, you see all of the things they made, you hear them talk about it, you get to demo their ideas. You get to ask the people who actually work on the thing about the thing and it’s totally invigorating.

Makes me feel more pumped about my own projects, and it’s beautiful.

All I want to do right now is make a lot of things. Pick E.R.A. back up, make some vlogs, livestream some games, even gasp talk to people.

But here’s my problem:

I can’t. Because I have convention throat. So my voice is like, not a thing, right now, and my sinuses are a horrible mess, so I’m sitting on all this creative energy unable to do anything because I’m in a brain fog and only thinking about hydrating and sleep. And taking theraflu.

So I’m trying to hold on to that. To hold on to that feeling and energy until I can brain enough (and stop coughing for long enough) to make some cool shit.

PAX is great because it revamps my creative juices. Just gotta kick the nerdflu.