The man on the bus had a puppet the creepy waxy kind it stood on a pedestal and bobbed it’s head with a kind of face that said “I want to see you dead”

Behind again

Yes because Destiny. We’ve been working on this fucking raid ALL FUCKING WEEK, with one rest day, so yeah, 4 pomes. Here you go. 1 hums of electricity running blue light of an LED screen comforting non-silence mistaken for quiet all of a sudden it’s gone true silence is eerie unsafe no steady whirrs to

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I just needed to tie my shoes tie them before they found me with my bag packed and a handful of money in my wallet hopefully enough to get me out of town or at least a sleeping bag a note expressing love it was all a lie I just need to get out get

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The fortune in the cookie is: “in dreams and reality, nothing is impossible” I don’t think of six impossible things before breakfast. But if I did, waking up for breakfast would be one them. I run on moonlight, in the lunar energy and quiet shadows. The air is soft and mysterious. Invisible leaves crunch satisfyingly when

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There’s a chill in the air the leaves are orange-y red and crisp music in my ears “do you have a cigarette?” he asks, motioning I wonder if I should buy a pack just to carry around for this occasion – it happens often enough (but I don’t know the first thing about cigarettes) “I

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Give A Guardian A Blade 20/30

if you give a guardian a blade and tell them to wait they’ll want to dance a jig and after they’ve danced a jig, they’ll want to crouch around and after they’ve crouched around, they’ll sit on your face because the server told the guardians to wait. (brought to you by my life)