So I’ve gained a bit of weight since starting Lexapro in February (in addition to the weight I gained from Zoloft prior). I don’t actually know HOW much I weigh, but I’ve gained 3 cup sizes and it’s strange. The shirts I got in March weren’t fitting anymore and I got fitted at Victoria’s Secret

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Kiery. You do a lot of things. Here is a small list: CRHE Tech Director E.R.A., Bitch Goddess, and Fairy comics Painting Drawing Gaming Livestreams & Vlogs Programming Writing Generally helping people with the internet. You are good at art, writing, and even writing stories. You’re good at learning and programming, and actually making things.

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E.R.A. Update

I moved E.R.A. to WordPress so that way when I’m done making the theme for artistsĀ I can test it there and that’ll be easier. But also because I felt like the Ruby app I made was unfinished and I want to make it better (and I will) and that was weirdly enough contributing to a

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