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The Groove

The feeling you have when you want to do things and you even make progress on things just not in a way anyone can see yet, because you want more than anything to get back into your rhythm but you’re just not there. And then you remember that you moved barely […]


So I’ve been playing Destiny, and it’s not usually my kind of game. It’s FPS for one thing and Multiplayer for another, and I usually like soloing and not playing with people – so when the only way to level is to raid with 5 other people……it can make for a […]


Now that I’m not in move-all-my-shit-across-the-country-mode I’m itching to get back to work doing things. This weird thing happens inside the car bubble: nothing can hurt you there – the internet doesn’t really exist for those hours; so coming back to the full-force of everything is honestly…rough. All I want to do […]


There’s something almost soothing about being in a car for hours and days on end. Driving through the midwest with sketchy phone signal and the inability to read or otherwise occupy yourself (because motion sickness) besides listening to things and talking and looking out the window provides a temporary bubble and […]