Month: July 2014

  • rest != laziness

    rest != laziness

    Sometimes I have a hard time resting. I was never allowed to rest when I was a kid, and remember wishing I would become horribly sick just so I could rest (because if I wasn’t running a fever or vomiting, I could still totally do shit), which means that as an adult, unless I’m physically…

  • SelfCare


    I’m giving myself a mini vacation this week, because…I think with the new meds and being able to finally start doing things full-force again, I was pushing myself way too hard. Which, isn’t actually very good and I kinda noticed myself heading towards burnout very quickly. So this week looks like a lot of relaxing…

  • Let's Play! Dungeon Command

    Let's Play! Dungeon Command

    KieryGeek is a let’s play! Dungeon Command! We’re taking a short break over the summer, but if you’d like to keep up and help keep KieryGeek a think, you should check out our patreon.

  • Book Review: Homeschool Sex Machine

    Book Review: Homeschool Sex Machine

    The author of Homeschool Sex Machine, Matthew Pierce, writes from his perspective growing up in a religious homeschool environment where purity culture reigned supreme and being pubescent meant you were trouble. I read it earlier last week, and was just overcome with feels. It’s a short read – and captures that cringe-y kind of hilarity…

  • waning

    It’s been a rough week and I think at the back of my mind I’m worried that maybe my new meds aren’t going to work, or aren’t working (I’ve only been on the new dose 4 days, so). My shoulders are massively fucked at the moment, shocked the massage person who said it was really…

  • Untitled post 4810

    I started a new comic series, it’s called E.R.A. and it features genderqueer/non-binary characters and I’m really excited about it, and I built the site all by myself, and I published the first comic today, and I am exhausted.

  • mental notes

    mental notes

    Things I did: built a comic website/CMS from scratch in a month built a resource website and started collecting and posting content over the holiday upped my meds, starting the new full-dose tonight scheduled my 2nd HPV shot appointment for Friday wrote myself a starting place for new comics so I can start drawing this…