Month: January 2014

  • Paralysis


    I’ve been in a block all month. I haven’t been able to garner up the motivation to do anything that I actually/usually want to do – especially creatively. It’s taken all of my willpower to push through and draw the last couple comics and art journal entries. Things that usually energize me or at least […]

  • Oh, I did THAT thing (2013)

    Oh, I did THAT thing (2013)

    January has been brutal, really, I don’t even. But I had a handful of moments and I remembered I did stuff – that feels so far away, and the hugeness of that sort of set in for a brief moment before I got the wind knocked out of me again. So, while I’m remembering and […]

  • Child Marriage: I dodged the bullet

    Child Marriage: I dodged the bullet

    I don’t know that I’ve written much about the process of the relationship Alex and I had before we got married. I started this blog after the fact and before I had even begun to process the hellmouth that was my childhood.With three creepy-as-fuck-patriarchs coming out in favor of child marriage – something they’d always […]

  • Selfies!


    There’s been a lot of hate going around for selfies, so much that it inspired a #365FeministSelfie thing that’s sweeping instagram, and twitter, and everywhere, and I’m doing it too. I keep wanting to post why inside the caption, but there’s too little space – at least for it to reach twitter, so I’m posting […]

  • New Year's Thoughts

    New Year's Thoughts

    First rambly post of the new year! It’s not really worth noting because, when are these posts not rambly? But whatever. I usually reserve goals and things for my birthday, because that’s when the actual “new year” starts in my head, you know, because aging. Somehow that seems more…connectable, than a random day on a […]