Year: 2014

  • Things: an update

    I have two very much needed weeks off. Well, one, now, but still. It’s weird, I crammed a lot into November and the first half of December and I’m emotionally drained and exhausted, but it’s been good? I did the Ludum Dare and learned how to build a playable game (that’s still fun) in unity, […]

  • Tell Me Why The World Is Fucked

    2014 has been intense shit. I’m alone for a little while, and realizing how small I am. There’s only so much I can do. Before the need to attend to my psyche over powers my ability to be useful to the world. And that’s okay. I’m trying to accept that. I don’t have to be […]

  • Giving Too Much part 2

    When I was 11 we came home one day to find someone we’d met at a homeless shelter/food kitchen/church thingy on our doorstep, with her infant. We’ll call her Missy.I don’t know how she got our address, or why she was there.But she was. And I gave up my bedroom and moved in with my sisters […]

  • To Dare is to Ludum….Dare

    So I did that this weekend. You can play it here!  

  • I Helped Start an Organization Once…(and you can help)

    About a year ago some homeschool alumni and I got together and founded the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. When Homeschooler’s Anonymous started exposing the stories of abuse and neglect in the homeschool community I realized that I wasn’t alone. It encouraged me to keep writing my story and I’ve written a lot over the […]

  • In Which I Remind Myself I'm Important And Don't Owe Anyone Shit

    I’m not going to lie, I’ve been running myself ragged lately. Sometimes it’s like, I don’t know how to not, you know? I don’t know what a healthy balance is, and when the bulk of my work is creative it blurs the lines between shit I do for me and shit I do for other […]

  • On Death (and life)

    Cynthia touched on it in the first part of her post “Freeing Self-Deceived Fundamentalists“. My family has glorified death for a really long time. I remember Columbine, like she was talking about – being something almost revered – not remotely tragic. When things were shitty(-er than normal) or if I was making a life choice […]

  • Dreams

    I had a dream last night, and in that dream I spent a lot of time with my closest-in-age sister doing chores. She’d taken up the slack for me since I was gone and had figured out how to do all the dishes and things required for keeping a house full of 8 people clean. […]

  • Vaccinated

    I’ve started and stopped this post several times over the last couple hours. It’s not even anything particularly interesting, which is why I’ve started and stopped, I guess. But right now I’m having jack and coke and playing lego Marvel so I figured I’d take a break while I was observing the snow and actually […]

  • RubyArt

    So, I talked a little about this comic project I want to make. Originally I thought I was going to build the entire back-end from scratch like I did with E.R.A. but after falling down a google rabbit hole I found Refinery CMS, which is a Ruby on Rails CMS where you can add extensions […]