Unsafe Places

Churches are not safe. I can’t step into one without coming up with an escape plan and spending a majority of the time warding off a panic attack. The families (particularly if the church is made of up of mostly families, with multiple children under 10), the songs, communion, the language in the preaching –

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I Don't Pray Anymore

When I was 10 and we were well into our left-the-cult-but-still-kept-everything-but-demons days we started going to church again. After being told churches in general were evil, it was weird going back to the buildings. My church experience was never great, we were never at one long enough to belong, because the pastor would say something

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Stress Sickness

I’ve been feeling sick – off and on for the last two weeks. The worst days are mondays and I’ve been starting to worry about why I’ve felt so on the verge of catching something, without actually coming down with it. I’ve been able to pinpoint some of the symptoms – headaches and fuzziness largely

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