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Performing Inspiration

I alluded to this in another post, but this year I’m remembering how very very much I love to be on stage and perform. Though I’m not trained and I’m not overly talented, seeing a couple really good performances over the last couple weeks and starting pre-production (and actually filming this weekend) on a short film has kind of awakened that in me. Performing – being on stage – talking, dancing, attempting to act makes me feel exhilarated and alive. I forgot how much I absolutely loved that – everything from the preparation stages to the actual culmination of the details. Not too unlike art, honestly.
I like things that require different pieces to come together into a whole.
Anyway, I thought that it would be handy, to share some of the clips that for all intents and purposes awakened the sleeping part of myself that just loves to be up there. Whenever I go to a performance of anything, honestly, in real life, I feel the same way and I wish and wonder what it’s like to have been on that stage, to have spent months or years preparing for that moment, to take people into a world for just a few hours…
Coldplay’s performance on New Years Eve (this is not that clip, I spent hours on youtube trying to find it but couldn’t) started that spark,

which Daniel Radcliffe continued to ignite with his very talented and hilarious performance on SNL last week (this clip was the last sketch of the evening, and made the political geek inside laugh a lot, but the entire episode is worth watching).

So on the verge of awakening, we finally came up with a good idea for a short film. Maybe the immersion into the world of filmmaking over the last year and a half has played a role in that as well. Whatever happened to get to this part of me again, I’m glad, and I’m excited that it’s all just kind of perfectly timed, and I’m really psyched about this next year for us.

Fitness and Nutrition 101

I realize setting this “goal” is ironic after going shopping for tv dinners and ramen noodle cups, but life happens.
Anyway, This post is going to be relatively short. I’ve been taking vitamins again, now that I remember. I’m really good with taking my iron (flintstones ftw) it’s the other stuff that I have a problem with. I hate normal milk, so I don’t get as much calcium as I should – but we started getting chocolate milk (because I drink that) so that is my round-about way of getting it.


Everyday when I wake up, I take two Vitamin C’s and a Flintstone (it has iron) multivitamin. I actually look forward to those because they taste good. Someone finally had the idea to make a gummy vitamin C, so the trick is really only eating two. ūüėõ After I eat lunch, I take two Vitex pills for hormonal balance. I haven’t noticed any changes with that, but it’s significantly less like candy.
I still walk about a mile every day – ¬†give or take lately because the sidewalks are precarious. I should change my pace a little to increase my heart rate and I’ll start using RunKeeper again to keep track. I even found a widget for it and put it up on my sidebar. Just because the last activity was October doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.
Lastly, I’ve decided to up my water intake and drink more green tea. I have a water bottle that filters the water as you drink it. I don’t know how many ounces it holds, but it’s a pretty decent size. So if I can just remember to keep it with me and refill it enough throughout the day that will be an improvement. Green Tea, I’ve heard is good for metabolism/burning fat, and it’s winter so it’s a win/win. I had two cups yesterday while I was sewing and I just finished one a couple minutes ago. I think I’m going to attempt to have two cups of green tea a day, but we’re running low so I’m not sure how long that’s going to work.
Eventually I’d like to try one of those anti-bloating drink recipes on pinterest, we’ll have to see.

2012 Posting Schedule (until I get bored or life happens)

I have lots of things I want to talk about, and lots of things I want to see/read this year but I’m having a hard time finding them, so I figured, hey, why not make the content?
In the previous post, I sort of introduced my new (first) comic series called “Living Memoir” I didn’t post any explanation, because I didn’t want to take away from the comic, but the basic premise is that it’s about a girl. The rest, you’ll have to keep reading every week to find out.
Anyway, to keep all of my ideas coming and posted in some order and not overlooked, I drafted out a blog schedule. I don’t have days, but I have ¬†5 topics to post about ( 1 every weekday).
1) Living Memoir. – I’m thinking about making this a Monday thing, painting it on Friday and publishing on Monday giving me the weekend to color correct/adjust because my scanner is kinda…old.
2) Fitness/Nutrition/Health journal. I really want to find a blog that mixes basic health and nutrition 101 information with fitness for living in a second floor apartment with hardwood/laminate floors (I don’t want to jump). I can’t find that, so I’m questing to educate myself with a library trip in the near future, and intend to blog about my progress or lack of. I’ve been trying to lose weight and become more healthy since February/March of last year due to massive hormonal imbalance. I don’t really know how much progress I’ve made, because most of 2011 was me at the whim of my hormones and trying everything I could think of and find to fix them. [TMI] I can count the periods I had on one hand [/TMI]. It was…sucky, to say the least. So I’m going to journal my journey to health and fitness and treat myself to a bikini, hopefully, this summer.
3) Film progress. I’m really excited about this – We’ve been making little films since we got our DSLR and currently we’re working on some pre-production for an epic short we’re temporarily calling “The Short” with Alex’s sisters. I won’t post story details anytime soon but I will post pictures.
4) Art/Home Decor progress. I’ll update with my current and recent art projects and musings including my recent quest to actually decorate my bedroom (progress of that coming soon, the giant whitespace is primed now it just needs something more on it).
5) Lastly, I want to brush up on my programming skills. Alex taught me basic web-design in 2007, So I know some stuff and I’m pretty good with editing wordpress css and I know enough (x)html to code the¬†Kiery on the Web and Follow Kiery text/html widgets that you see on the sidebar. I’m kinda rusty when it comes to setting things up from scratch and I’d like to learn PHP again. I have a book, and also found a cool website. I’m hoping that by posting about it weekly, I’ll end up actually learning instead of just wanting to.
I should also look up Ukulele lessons on youtube, and if I get okay enough at it, maybe I’ll post a video.
So this is what 2012 will look like on the blog until this ENFP gets bored or distracted or life happens.

Going Dark

Going dark (as you can tell with the theme) for net neutrality. If you haven’t been following SOPA/PIPA and don’t know what it is (or why it’s bad) and have been seeing stuff about it everywhere – the vote is on the 24th, and this video helps explain everything.

I’ve changed all of my twitter and FB pictures (and my WP theme) and sent emails to my congress people via the ECA¬†to spread the word about something that if passed, could be detrimental to (my and other small businesses) and the web as we know it.
So, watch the video, and take two minutes to attach your name and zipcode to the thoughtful and detailed letter the ECA put together to send to your congress people and tell them to leave the internet alone.


Lately I’ve had this urge – a re-awakening of a realization. I miss performing and I miss the stage. I miss the feeling of nervousness that disappeared as soon as I walked up to the microphone.
I’m not particularly good, talented, or experienced but I want to perform again. I’ve been so inspired lately, like I’ve just remembered another something that makes me feel alive but forgot over time. I guess that makes the timing of our new short pretty perfect.

When the internet is boring

It’s time to do something else. I should do that more often really. Last night I got bored, and after staring blankly at my screen hoping for something interesting, I went into my [newly re-arranged, and significantly warmer – who knew keeping the bed off the baseboards would allow the heat to flow?] bedroom and drew some ideas to color my white space.

brainstorming ideas

Now that I have…10 possibilites I can decide which one I’d like to paint and hang over our bed.

The bed and the painting will end up being the focal point – the inspiration picture and the curtains on the window and over the closet will help tie everything together. And I’m going to refinish the nightstand that I temporarily put a scarf over. O:)
Anyway, after brainstorming I decided to finally just read. I started this book, Spellwright, a few months ago and got really busy and stopped reading it. Mostly because I can’t put books down very easily, so I stuck to reading comics while I was working so I wouldn’t stay up all night reading. I loved reading the comics too, but I’ve really really wanted to get back to Spellwright and just never got around to it…until last night. It was wonderful, and now I’m halfway through and can’t wait to get back into it.


Vimeo’s weekend project¬†this week was making a 5×5 – 25 second video consisting of 5, 5 second shots and I thought “hey, I think I can do that”. So I did, and filmed it on my iphone (because I can’t shoot one handed with the DSLR) and pieced it together with iMovie (because it’s okay-ish with 25 seconds of footage). Then this morning I thought I’d show it off here…