read: my book, so. many. times. taste: nothing.. see: The upload progress bar….too many times this evening. hear: Mass Effect 3 – Alex is playing ahead of me, I’m hoping it’s not spoilers. smell: Well, I really should take a shower…I meant to…but got distracted by formatting the book touch: trackpad…in frustration…for much too long think: it’s weird

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2nd Round

All of the new illustrations are DONE! That’s kind of huge, considering I started on them in September. Also, I think they look much much better, the real tell is going to be seeing what happens when I start scanning them in tomorrow. After that, it’s formatting and releasing in the iBookstore, and then getting

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This week I knocked out 6 illustrations + some touch ups on the few people shots I made in the fall. Only 5 left to go, which means after taking today off I should be done painting by the middle of next week. I’m going to make the iBook Author version first, since I’ve been

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read: bits of scripts in progress, and blogs I frequent taste: water. Should be tea… see: lavender sky, and periwinkle snow. The sun is setting. hear: wind, soft murmur of my laptop’s fan, husband typing (and humming) in the other room smell: paint and soap – from washing the paint of my hands and palette touch: dry skin. I may

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Book Month!

I intend to probably be posting less on here this month because I’ll be working on my book – but I came up with a plan that’s kinda brilliant. I’m transferring all my draft illustrations to watercolor paper first, and getting them *all* outlined before I start painting, so I won’t face another hangup like

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