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me + food = meh

I realized earlier today, that I think the reason I enjoy food significantly less than everyone else is because I have no real emotional connection to it. I eat food because I have to as my body dislikes starvation. While I appreciate good food, and I have a handful of foods that I will be very happy if you serve me (dark chocolate, pizza, and mac & cheese) I don’t enjoy it like everyone else I know seems to. I wonder if it’s because food and I are less emotionally connected and if that’s part of the reason I only eat when I’m hungry and (generally) don’t eat more than I need to. I don’t eat for non-hunger reasons (like boredom or sadness or happiness) with the exception of being held captive by hormones that send me into a depressed and munchie ravage.
So today, I did something that I really don’t enjoy.
recipe quest
Finding recipes. I dread it and try to avoid it as much as possible usually, but something else hit me today.
I’m doing this because I think I’m worth it, and no one else can do this for me.
I want to eat healthier and cook healthier not because I’m a good wife, or I enjoy the process of making a good meal for my husband, because honestly, I don’t. I hate loathe the process and I have no satisfaction in cooking at all (thankfully my good-wifey-ness isn’t subject to my kitchen performances); but I finally think that I’m worth the effort, as much as I might hate the process.
So jumping into the annoying finding-recipes-and-making-lists quest I was able to write down some interesting bits of information I found from the encyclopedia, and hit with a little bit of genius, I came up with something to potentially solve the ever frustrating problem of not knowing what to do with leftover produce (you know, before it turns into goo).
Produce & Uses Chart
I’m coming to the scary realization that taking this healthy eating thing on for myself means I need to actually put effort into finding food and using it and maybe even doing more cooking (sad). So if I can streamline some of that process to limit the amount of “I don’t know what to do with it” coma’s that I inevitably fall into, that might help me feel better about getting foods that expire in a week.
In the meantime, I’ll keep reminding myself that me and my health are worth the uh, torture of potential meal planning…and I’ll keep switching between Spongebob and MSNBC while I’m at it, because that seems to help.

Workouts on the Second Floor

I’ve said this before – I live in a second floor apartment and someone lives under me. We don’t have carpet, so there’s nothing to soak up the sound. We try to be as quiet and considerate as possible which makes exercises like jumping or jogging in place kind of hard to do. I even tip toed through some of the kinect fitness stuff because I didn’t want to land too hard.
Amazingly, when looking for exercises it’s hard to find ones that are really good for people who have to equipment (not even a yoga mat) and live above someone in an apartment complex. The easy go-to’s are kind of off limits to overly considerate apartment dwellers.
But I found one website on pinterest, that lets you select a region you’d like to work out and lists a variety of exercises to choose from.

It’s Divine.ca and at night, before I go to bed I’ve been doing the Inner Thigh Sculptor and the Leg Raise. They all take place on the floor and use your bodyweight, so it works well and I can feel my muscles working. The other exercise I’ve been experimenting with I also found on pinterest from Tracy Anderson called the Thigh Trimmer.
I usually just sit on floor and watch whatever’s on while I do them. The hardest part is that my cat thinks it’s time to rub against me while I’m stretching. I love doing these at night because my muscles feel much more relaxed and comfortable before bed.
Later today, or this week I’ll go through the exercises from the library book and see about incorporating some of them too.