Year: 2012

  • Cool Things 2012

    I’ve been working on a list in graphic form all year, and as 2012 comes to a close (and not the end of the world) I thought, hey, a few days early (because I expect to be in the throws of pre-production and gaming over the holiday) why not actually post the cool things list? […]

  • Misc.

    Reading: The Legend of Drizzt: Homeland. I’m not very far, but I’m loving it. Watching: The Hobbit, amazing. Django Unchained: So. Good – and I’m not a huge Tarantino fan, but this was great, and maybe I’ll watch Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs now that I know not all of his movies are like Inglorious […]

  • Holiday Card

      (logos from Nerdist & Geek and Sundry stolen from the interwebs because they inspired my whole youtube channel thing, so please check them out. )

  • Bridging the Gap

    My blog has gone through a lot of changes over time. When I chose Bridging the Gap as one, in many many titles I’ve used, I was initially thinking about it in terms of art, and practice. The phrase actually stemmed from Ira Glass on storytelling: Sine then it’s kinda grown into an inadvertent definition […]

  • Complete!(ish)

    All together!   Now I need to just figure out how to curl my hair…Oh, and I’ll be wearing a white shirt under the pink one instead…

  • Hobbit Cosplay

    Over the weekend I was able to put together my Hobbit costume – with this shirt from Mexicali Blues that I’ll layer with a white thermal-ish undershirt: A silk blue-grey scarf that I’ll either use as a shawl or a sash, and this epic skirt from Calypsoe’s etsy that I found in a last ditch effort […]

  • Update

    Watching: Behind the scenes/documentaries from Lord of the Rings and Prometheus. Great for costuming and effects ideas for our own stuff actually. Thinking: I’m less apologetic for my existence since being on antidepressants, and that’s kind of amazing. Also, I have a hat with ears. ^.^ Feeling: chilly and exhausted, but happy. Playing: WoW, Lego […]

  • KieryGeek: A mess of things

  • A freeing realization

    I wonder sometimes why things that seem to encourage and empower other women have the opposite affect on me. I think maybe it’s because I differentiate between being female and being a woman, and in that differentiation, I don’t identify as a woman. I don’t think because I am a woman therefore I _____. I’m […]

  • Hendstrom!

    At last, the episode we’ve been working on for 10 months is out! yay!