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Fight Like a Girl

Last night I decided to paint my favorite shoes (and weapons)….high heels. Something about them makes me feel confident, tall (obviously), and I like knowing that if I ever needed to kick something while wearing them, I would probably at least leave a mark. Initially I was going to call it […]

What I want to do this year: Art Edition

I’ve spent months putting together plans and ideas for what I’d like to do over the next year (or several) some parts are more developed than others, but here it is. * March/April/May – Launch online art gallery with sets and random original pieces. * Make Watercolor Business Cards/ACEO * Sets: […]

What I want to do this year: Book Edition

I’m not totally into making goals or new years resolutions. Although I think goal setting is a good idea in general – I like to leave myself a little bit of the-world-will-not-end-if-I-don’t-make-it room. I’ve had so many ideas since September/October though, that at this point, it doesn’t make sense not to […]