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The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making

I saw this book at work after the fundraiser, and knew I just had to buy it. The title alone completely grabbed my attention and I can’t wait to delve into September’s world.

But the title.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making.  Just resonates.

I don’t know why, but it just feels empowering, I feel braver, stronger and capable somehow just looking at the name.

Maybe it’s because inside I yearn to be that, and I have occasional moments of feeling it. Lately, for instance, I’ve been feeling a bit more confident and glancing over the last year, I’ve become more brave, more myself, at least on the inside even if I haven’t shown it much publicly. But I want to.

In 2012 I’m going to continue my journey to me. I’m going to try to be more of the person I am and want to be inside myself. I want to reinvent, to be new and real. I want to continue to remove the layers of masks that have been my image and my persona in the past and get to the truth of who I am, the me that I once knew and abandoned . A friend of mine has been writing about words for the  year, and how she wants to be unafraid. I’ve sort of stumbled upon mine…Aletheia.

An anonymous card I received recently was signed as that. Which, according to wikipedia

Aletheia (ἀλήθεια) is a Greek word variously translated as “unclosedness”, “unconcealedness”, “disclosure” or “truth“. The literal meaning of the word λήθεια is “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident” and it also implies sincerity, as well as factuality or reality.

I’ve been thinking about that lately, and how it uncannily describes me right now, what I crave to discover and to become. A journey I’ve started and continue to travel. So in 2012, the year I turn 21 (and no one can make fun of me for not being 21 anymore – score!) I want to become aletheia bravely, and unashamedly me.

I want to be the girl who circumnavigated her world in a ship of her own making, and I think I’m closer to that than I ever have been.

Recap 2011

In January I made a series of posts of things I wanted to do this year. Most of the stuff on those lists I didn’t do, but I did make a lot of progress in some of the areas I mentioned and in other related areas that I didn’t name. I liked having a smidgen of an idea of what I wanted to focus on this year, but without any pressure. I feel like I was actually able to cover a lot of ground and learn a lot even though I may or may not be able to actually cross out points on the list.
So instead of looking at all the things I didn’t do, I’m going to recap with a bunch of the stuff that I did do this year.
– Got a massage
– A swim suit I feel awesome in
– Exercised (all year – yay!)
– Adopted a Cat and named him Tonks
– Cooked, kinda.
– Sold Paintings!
– Read everything I could find about art and business
– Read a lot of fantasy books ^.^
– Wrote several drafts of the screen play for The Balloons and invested in film/editing equipment
– Retired the cardboard! (which resulted in some deep cleaning, which was also good)
– Sold 16 copies of The Balloon Lady and made plans (and just need to finish the illustrations) to relaunch with Create Space
– Bought a dressed and danced my heart out at a wedding (and paid for it for the next 3 days)
– Went to Boston with Alex and a week of vacation on the coast with the family
– Learned a lot about myself
– Joined the local arts group
– Discovered pinterest.
I have a week and a half to get my main (78 now!) to 85 in WoW…I might be able to…at least by my birthday…definitely.

A Christmas Card! (because I'm out of stamps)

Adventures of Alex and Kiery (and Tonks) by kiery

In keeping with the tradition I started a while ago (and that I don’t have any stamps, and that I want to get into comic making sometime soon – and that I’ve been on bed/couch-rest all day from food poisoning)  I present, Alex and Kiery’s 2011 Christmas e-card, comic style! Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Time Management

I’ve got a semi-intense seasonal job which is really amazing. I like what I do and I like that it ends before christmas and enables me to save/create an art fund and buy christmas presents without feeling bad for mooching off my husband (not that that’s bad either, or that he minds, ’cause he doesn’t, but there’s something empowering about having *my own* in a separate bank account and making things a little easier in *our* finances as a result). However, with this brief change and total upheaval of my schedule (waking up at 8 and going to bed by midnight) I’m finding myself more and more in awe of the people I know who work and find time to do things like write and create during the day on top of all the other stuff we end up doing (cleaning, much?).
I’m usually pretty decent at managing my time, but lately I’ve been so exhausted by the time I come home, the most creative thing I do is unwind in Azeroth (not that I mind…’cause it’s a blast and I do it with a friend and it’s the highlight of my week 😉 ). I was painting for a while, before thanksgiving, but just haven’t felt quite up to that lately (too much energy and cleanup). There are a lot of things I just don’t have the energy to think about and facebook/online communities become more of a drain than an outlet. So I haven’t been writing much, or painting much, or doing much besides problem solving and questing and cleaning when I force myself (like today, because the mess was stressing me out).
I admire my husband so much more now, for being able to do projects and what not after he’s done working, because it’s all I can do not to just fall right to sleep.
But creating makes me feel alive and writing keeps me sane. Even just writing this, in my exhausted little brain, I’m feeling a little bit more energetic and relaxed.
So here’s to all the working people who manage to do something with their minds besides just work, because for some reason, that alone is a lot of work…for me anyway.
unplugging now. Cheers.