I randomly decided that I really wanted to learn how to make animated GIFs. They’re really fun to look at and I have a propensity for re-blogging them on mlkshk and tumblr, but I’ve never known how to make them. So I taught myself. It didn’t take as long as I thought, admittedly, it’s just

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Fun Stuff I hit level 75 in WoW today, finally! I’ve been super super awful about playing lately, so today I decided to just do that instead of sitting at my computer debating about doing that, story boarding, or making the bed and spending the whole time flicking through facebook, etsy, pinterest, and random blogs

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First Draft: Done

I finished the first draft of my screenplay! I printed it yesterday and started storyboarding with pencil in the margins. It’s an interesting process – much different than story writing. You can’t use any of the cop-outs that you can writing a narrative. You can’t say “They talked and became good friends” you have to

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Fairy Stories

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that was incredibly hard to put down. I started reading Faerie Wars last night and read it after I woke up/ate lunch and have had a really hard time stopping. I’m really late to the discovery of fantasy as I never really had much of a

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Art Boutique

It seems, that with art you have basically two types of buyers – you have the art collectors who can afford pieces that cost upwards of $300 (and the types of buyers that people trying to sell art would love to have buy a piece) and then you have everyone else who might *love* to

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last week dreaming. Imagining what I would do if money weren’t a factor, if I could do and be and have anything and everything I wanted – what would I do that would be amazing and satisfying and that I would love to spend years of

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