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I’ve had this urge the last few days to actually do something with my museum experience. I want to paint the human form – but I’m not very good at it, so I’m taking small timid steps while I learn. I’m also making these posts continue after the jump to keep people who’d prefer not to see my attempts at nudes from stumbling across it unwittingly.
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Crash Course Challenge day 7

With isms finished I devoted my afternoon to reading a few more chapters in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the Everyday Work of Art.
In DRSB I learned about using negative space to see objects and force myself (in a way) into using my right brain. I did most of the exercises in the book – including cutting out the “negative space” of a drawing and taping it to another piece of paper to see the outline of the image that I drew. A practice in seeing negative space as shape. I then used that piece of paper to create a viewfinder to practice the idea with a chair.

I also learned how to draw my hand and my foot – while neither they, nor the chair are perfect, they are improved. At least, in the way that I usually think about drawing them. I’ve sort of…re-learned how to draw by altering my perspective just a little bit. It makes me happy. Now though, I’m busy looking at things and seeing the negative space around them.