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Two Decades

Tomorrow I’ll turn 20, which is honestly pretty exciting – in some unexpected ways. It feels kind of weird to tell people I’m 19, married, and no, I didn’t *just* graduate high school. It’s totally cool, but there’s always that awkward moment when people are like “oh!”.  I remember when I was turning 10, I was super excited to be double-digits and “a whole decade!”. Now I’m two decades, and I oddly feel similarly excited. One that I made it this far, and I have great hope for the future, and two, because 20 just sounds way better than 19. I oddly don’t expect to be quite this excited when three decades rolls around though, so I’m enjoying this while I can. In light of this, I was reminiscing the other day, about my schooling, and about life, and about things I’m happy about.
The best thing I gained from homeschooling was learning how to learn. This is a gift and something I’m thankful for. I don’t know everything, and I’m not good at everything, but the one thing that I do know how to do, is learn.
Alex and I are starting projects – separately and together, and the thing we have enjoyed is learning. Researching, looking at blogs, watching and reading whatever we can get our hands on for the subjects we’re interested in. We have a few books we want to buy and I think the key to any success is the ability to continually learn.
I’ve been reading Empty Easel and many other articles and blogs about art and painting and the art business for months, I’ve started trying to incorporate what I’ve learned to practice and I keep reading. I make notes, plans, goals and eventually I work up the nerve to put myself out there.
Together, Alex and I have been looking into cameras  because we’re planning on making a short film over the summer – Alex has been following several indy film blogs, we helped fund an indy project, and we’ve been researching cameras online and reading and watching reviews on vimeo or amazon. We finally bought the Cannon T3i because it seems to be a great blend of the things we were looking for after doing all of our research, and it comes in the mail in a few days!
If we hadn’t learned the process of learning, I don’t think that we would be able to get this far. If there is one thing that is to be said for homeschooling, it’s that it enables you to learn how to learn better. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new – everywhere you go is a field trip, and everyone you meet is someone you can potentially learn something from.
The other day we were watching Restrepo, and I realized, that in September, we will have been at war for 10 years – half of my existence. By at war, I mean, we were like “We’re going to get you!” not the day we actually invaded the other countries. I’m trying to remember if there’s ever been a “hot” war that’s lasted this long, that we’ve been in?
I’ve always felt like I should have been a ’90 baby and not a ’91 because I always feel like I’m being held back a year. And then I realize, that the doctors, the hospital, and my parents, and the birth certificate committee would have all had to have been in on this big scheme to change the year on my vital records. So I decide that it’s unlikely and continue to feel like I’m supposed to be a year older but I’m not. That’ll probably change?
(happy things)

This year has been a year of self-discovery, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I rediscovered my artistic side, and spent the last year working on that with no plans to stop and plenty to go forward. I’ve also tapped into my inner geek which has been amazing and fun. I never used to be into games, I like joining a community of gamers and geekiness. I imagine that this year will be filled with equally amazing opportunities and challenges and ways to keep learning and move out of my comfort zone a little bit.
And 20 is just much more fun to say. Until next year anyway, because 21 is just that much cooler.

Season Fairies

Continuing with my fairy theme, I decided to use the 3 5×7 (thin) canvases and create a small series – I’m calling it the Season Fairies. Spring, Summer, and Fall are represented in the 5×7 format – I didn’t do winter because I already had a snowflake 11×14 that did a great job of capturing this cold blustery season. Also, because I’m tired of winter and didn’t feel like repeating the blizzard-like conditions outside on a canvas.

Why Fairies?

“She’s my fairy”
“But there’s no such thing as a f-”
“Don’t say that. Every time someone says that, a fairy somewhere falls down dead!”
– Peter Pan
Fairies are strong beautiful creatures whose power keeps the world in order. They bring change, seasons, and put the world to sleep at night. They are timid, shy, and even skittish at first; they are powerful but don’t know their own strength. Fairies can’t survive when their existence isn’t believed or recognized. Their light and confidence fade when others turn away and tell them they’re not real. They have yet to learn that their existence doesn’t come from others, but from within themselves – only then will they be able to realize their true potential and how valuable they really are.
Anonymous Fairies resonate with me because they are strength and beauty paired with timidity and a need to be believed in. They’re anonymous because they haven’t found their true selves yet, they haven’t become confident in their identity and they’re on a journey to discover that…not unlike ourselves.
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Level 70

I made it! This morning I made it to level 70 questing around Netherstorm. I’m super excited. I just have the rest of Netherstorm and Nagrand left and I’ll be done with outland and onto Northrend! I think joining a level 5 guild may have helped also. I’m very proud of myself, I usually top out at around 20 and make other people, but I’ve stuck with my main and made it wayyy farther than I thought I would, even Alex is proud. Yay!

Raiding and Leveling

I decided to spend today playing WoW and cleaning (because my hands were too cold after washing dishes to paint). So I was hanging around Ironforge doing my last Love Is In the Air quests when someone on the trade channel was looking for healers. The other day I just completed my Paladin’s Holy talent tree (healing abilities) and set up a second action bar for just my heal spells so I could do dungeons with some friends. So I sent him a tell and did my first raid with a bunch of level 85’s. Nobody died! I can heal people! yay! Admittedly, we were going against level 72 Elites and a boss, but still, being the lowest level player and the healer for 4 other 85’s, I felt pretty good about myself.
Not to mention, that I earned 100 gold just from that instance.
So I’m going to be doing some more dungeons with friends later, hopefully, and I definitely will try to be less shy about offering my healing services for people looking to raid.
I also got some Epic clothing for when I hit level 70 (half a level to go). And while I was questing in Netherstorm, I got an axe that GLOWS! Finally I have glowing weapons!
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psycho cleaning

Alex has me down to a science now. He knows the day after I spend all day in bed I will go on what he calls a “psycho cleaning” binge. Which is basically when I wake up, walk out of my room and discover that my apartment looks somewhat similar to tornado wreckage. There’s dishes all over and trash that needs to be taken out, and I make the mistake of talking about it while he’s in the middle of working which alerts him to grumpy-kiery-cleaning-time about to take place. Usually, I’m able to actually get to the cleaning part with Alex just being mildly annoyed and not stopping me and then the house is clean even though I still don’t feel all that well.
But Today! He intercepted me and put me back in my nice clean bedroom…and I decided that sounded better after I went back out and talked more and got some snacks and movies and Alex told me he needed to concentrate. So this is day two of staying in my nice clean, freshly re-arranged room and Alex taking care of me and bringing me food. I know I’ll hate it in the morning, but right now I’m enjoying hanging out under the blankets, looking at the glare of the sun on the snow outside my window, and thinking about sleeping more because I still have a headache.
I’ve also realized this is a good time to work on leveling my main. I made great progress yesterday, I’ve held off today because of my headache, maybe I’ll sneak out in search of tylenol (because it works better than ibuprofen) and work on that this afternoon.
Kudos baby.

I have a plan!

It’s already time to start thinking about art shows for this year – I actually sent in an application to one show, but I won’t know if I’m in for a few weeks still. But as I was feeling weak all day I thought I would do myself a favor and plan out what I needed to do for shows this year. I decided which series I wanted to go with (anonymous fairies), how many pieces I wanted to bring, which sizes and mediums I wanted to use, and gave myself an idea of pricing.
I then went and figured out all the things I would need to actually display and sell the pieces, and finally I narrowed down how many pieces I have left to make and sort of decided how I want to do those. So even though I spent *all* day in bed, I feel like I still got a little done.
Oh, and I made it to level 69 in WoW today, and filled my talent tree, so I’m now a holy paladin (healer for non-gamers). yay!

The Making of a Fairy

I sent in an application to be in an art show in April, and decided to go with my fairies if I get in. So today, I thought it would be fun to make a time-lapse-ish video of what it looks like for me to paint a fairy on an Art Card. I’m right handed so my hand is in the way alot (because I didn’t want my iphone near the water and paints for obvious reasons, it was a semi precarious set up) but it still gives you the idea.

Valentines Day

Something I noticed about Valentines day is that the guys usually go unnoticed.
Not that I’m complaining about having AWESOME Valentines days, because I do, and Alex makes sure of that…

but I love him too, and don’t want to be the only one feeling special today.
So I got him Valentines.

Not chocolates or roses (because those are mine :D) but things he enjoys.
Like a remote control Helicopter…

…and an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook that hasn’t been released yet (pre-order).

I hope he feels as special as I do. 🙂
*at the time of this writing Alex has already been enjoying his chopper and knows he’s getting the cookbook (and he’s psyched).

A Block Of Sky

The last night in Oregon was stunning. We drove through the desert to this place overlooking the town we had been staying in. The bright clouds clashed against the dark sky creating a perfect backdrop for the final scene of our business there. As we were driving I was wishing I’d be able to somehow capture a glimpse of what that looked and felt like.

I painted on a wood square that I picked up at Michael’s because I’ve been wanting to try that and it somehow seemed fitting. I might try to paint similar pieces in the future on canvas – I really love how this turned out.