Two Decades

Tomorrow I’ll turn 20, which is honestly pretty exciting – in some unexpected ways. It feels kind of weird to tell people I’m 19, married, and no, I didn’t *just* graduate high school. It’s totally cool, but there’s always that awkward moment when people are like “oh!”.  I remember when I was turning 10, I

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Season Fairies

Continuing with my fairy theme, I decided to use the 3 5×7 (thin) canvases and create a small series – I’m calling it the Season Fairies. Spring, Summer, and Fall are represented in the 5×7 format – I didn’t do winter because I already had a snowflake 11×14 that did a great job of capturing

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Why Fairies?

“She’s my fairy” “But there’s no such thing as a f-” “Don’t say that. Every time someone says that, a fairy somewhere falls down dead!” – Peter Pan Fairies are strong beautiful creatures whose power keeps the world in order. They bring change, seasons, and put the world to sleep at night. They are timid,

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Level 70

I made it! This morning I made it to level 70 questing around Netherstorm. I’m super excited. I just have the rest of Netherstorm and Nagrand left and I’ll be done with outland and onto Northrend! I think joining a level 5 guild may have helped also. I’m very proud of myself, I usually top

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Valentines Day

Something I noticed about Valentines day is that the guys usually go unnoticed. Not that I’m complaining about having AWESOME Valentines days, because I do, and Alex makes sure of that… but I love him too, and don’t want to be the only one feeling special today. So I got him Valentines. Not chocolates or

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A Block Of Sky

The last night in Oregon was stunning. We drove through the desert to this place overlooking the town we had been staying in. The bright clouds clashed against the dark sky creating a perfect backdrop for the final scene of our business there. As we were driving I was wishing I’d be able to somehow

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