1. I love waking up to your hugs and a smile every morning

2. I love your silly noises

3. I love the notes you leave around the house occasionally

4. I love your cooking

5. and your mad skillz

6. I love watching you sing and dance

7. I love how you listen and hold me when I’m feeling sad

8. and how utterly supportive you are

9. I love watching you work, even though I can’t understand anything, I just like the colors in terminal

10. I love your face

11. I love how cuddly you are even when I’m not

12. you’re amazing

13. brilliant

14. and talented

15. you’re good at everything I’m not, and then some

16. you matter to me more than you’ll ever know

17.  I love your adorableness

18. I love how considerate you are

19. The last few years with you have been amazing, and I would never trade them for anything else

20. I’m so glad you’re my best friend and we don’t have to be apart

21. you’re cute!

22. Happy Birthday Alex <3 <3

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