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A Year In the life

of my blog. haha. I usually miss these…but here I am, I’ve been blogging (here anyway) for a year. *fills with some sense of accomplishment* I originally started this blog to document my “firsts” of adult/married life and living up north. Back in my political blogging days I would have called […]

weather speak

It’s been overcast since Sunday, and according to the widget on my dashboard, we won’t be getting any sun until Saturday. I usually like rainy days…when they last a day and then there’s sunshine, but it feels horribly depressing when there’s no sun for days on end; Even when there are […]

Art class: with people!

My first “Introduction to Oil Painting” class starts tonight, and I’m really excited (though nervous about driving since it’s been wet for the last three days). Yesterday Alex and I ventured into this amazing art store in Portland, which has everything imaginable. I would have liked to say longer but it […]

Someday List:

This morning I was thinking of things that I really really want to do (with Alex and by *myself),or be able to do someday, even though they won’t really happen now. <introspective mood> – Go dancing (either something fancy or just a random dance party) – Explore Europe (England, France, Italy?) […]

The Human Body

Is probably the most complex, intricate, beautiful, and unique thing ever created. In more conservative circles, things as simple as drawing the human body in it’s natural form is frowned upon at best and often times is accompanied by a connotation of perversion. ┬áBut why? The human body is beautiful, why […]

Stress meter

Last week was an overload – on Monday I was depressed, Tuesday I was stressed, Wednesday I got my first ever pink slip from the police (who explained my inspection sticker was expired and I explained I had no idea and was looking at -apparently- the wrong number), Friday we found […]