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jpeg_20160907_143010 Rising From The Ashes (9/10/2016) - My life lately has been incredibly roller-coaster like, not necessarily in the fun way, but always in the make-you-stronger-or-die way. I guess that's also not so much lately as a recurring theme, but that's besides the point. While I was waiting for divorce paperwork to go through (still am. SOON), >>>>
lmtp5 I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Said Hello to Courtship, Met a Boy, and Got Married (8/4/2016) - My parents said they wanted to talk to me one day. I was like 8 or 10 or something innocuous and the thought of boys and kissing was still gross (ew, spit). They said that they decided I wouldn't be allowed to date, that I would court instead. I said >>>>






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